Unison is the two-time winner of the National Energy Globe Award Kyrgyzstan for 2008 and 2011. The ENERGY GLOBE Award was founded in 1999 by the Austrian energy pioneer Wolfgang Neumann and is one of today’s most prestigious environmental awards. ENERGY GLOBE invites projects with outstanding sustainable best practice to participate in the annual competition. Each year more than 800 projects and initiatives from all over the world compete each year for the award.

Unison won its first Energy Globe Award In 2008 for its project “Saving energy to reduce energy dependency of Kyrgyzstan”. The project introduces and promotes energy contracting via Energy Service Companies (ESCO) to enhance sustainability, reliability and efficiency in the municipal energy sector and to contribute to an overall improvement and development of the regional energy infrastructure.

Unison won its second Energy Globe Award in 2011 for its pilot project “Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy at a Medical Facility in Kommuna Village (EERE)”. The project demonstrates the use and benefits of renewable energy technologies and energy efficient construction methods to demonstrate energy self-sufficiency at a new medical facility in Kommuna Village in Batken region, Kyrgyzstan. The project illustrates how traditional methods of construction can be supplemented through modern renewable energy technologies to achieve energy independence, improve living conditions, and build capacity among communities. Outcomes were the installation of proper medical facilities, poverty reduction and a lessening of ethnic tensions among Uzbek and Kyrgyz groups.

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