Our History

Unison Group is a Bishkek-based Association that works on civil society issues (Public Fund Unison) as well as commercial consulting projects (Unison Consulting Ltd). Since 2002, UNISON Group has been continuously present in Central Asia, conducting more than 40 transregional projects on energy efficiency, climate change, sustainable development and good governance. Today, UNISON Group is recognized as one of the leading advocates in this field with nearly a decade of experience and expertise.

Our Vision and Mission

Unison Group envisions Kyrgyzstan to become an independent and self-reliant country that offers its people dignity, basic human rights, freedom of speech and adequate living standards. Our vision of Kyrgyzstan is that of a multi-lingual and peaceful country that is governed by the rule of law, high educational levels, intact ecosystems, and robust, economic growth. Our Mission is to advance sustainable development, environmental protection and social justice in Kyrgyzstan. UNISON Group works to safeguard Kyrgyzstan's natural endowment of natural resources, unique ecosystems, and biodiversity while balancing economic prosperity, regional stability and social fairness. Our interventions are aimed at large-scale, long-term and positive change in the energy, climate, environmental and governance sectors.

Our Values

Leadership, Innovation, Professionalism

Our Partners

Unison Group serves a broad mix of private-, public-, and social-sector organizations. We advise political leaders, finance institutions, donors, research institutions and society organizations on the most critical issues and promising opportunities for sustainability in Central Asia. Our partners are renowned, international donor organizations and finance institutions, nonprofit organizations, and state authorities at national, regional and local scale. Our long-term partners are, inter alia, EBRD, World Bank, USAID, GIZ, Helvetas, World Resource Institute and Open Society Foundations, EU.

Our Team

Unison Group unites a team of 20 well-trained, national and international experts with backgrounds in engineering, finance, physics, politics, environmental sciences, marketing and information technology.

International Awards

Unison Group is a three-time winner of the National Energy Globe Award for Kyrgyzstan. UNISON Group was appointed Vice-Chairman of the “Fuel and Energy Sector Transparency Initiative” that served as an advisory council under the Ministry of Energy of the Kyrgyz Republic for the period 2010-2015.


Unison Group supports Kyrgyzstan in Adapting to and Mitigating the Risk of Climate Change.

Unison Group promotes Energy Efficiency and Diversification of Energy Sources through Renewables.

Unison Group advocates inclusive and transparent decision-making.

Services and Products

Unison Group mobilizes a powerful network of decision makers, companies, and public interest groups to accelerate and expand sustainable practices and solutions in the Central Asian context. Our services include:

  • Energy Certificates,
  • Energy Audits,
  • Building Retrofits,
  • Policy Support and Analysis,
  • Feasibility and Research Studies,
  • Public Awareness Campaigns and Advisory Services, and
  • Monthly Newsletters with Detailed Analysis of the Central Asian Energy and Climate Sectors