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Our team

Unison Groups consists of an international team of open-minded and tolerant individuals, who share a common interest of protecting Kyrgyzstan’s natural resources while enabling social, economic and political development. Our team comprises of local and foreign professionals from diverse academic backgrounds who provide comprehensive services and holistic solutions to a wide range of issues.


Nurzat Abdyrasulova
President/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Unison Group

Nurzat Abdyrasulova is the founder and chief executive director of Unison Group. She holds a Masters degree in Management of Water and Energy Resources and a Masters in Environmental Management. She has established herself as an eminent public figure and a well-known expert of energy and environmental issues in Kyrgyzstan. She is the author of several analytical reviews, expert reviews, books, pamphlets and articles on environment and energy issues and of the key proponents of the "Energy Efficiency of Buildings" legislation. She is an expert on energy sector management, sustainable energy and the environment. She also has extensive international experience and has contributed to national, regional and local projects in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Tajikistan. She has also participated in several international conferences, such as the international UN meetings on climate change, where she was part of the official Kyrgyz delegation.

Bakyt Askarbekov
Operational and Financial Director

Bakyt Askarbekov has a professional background in accounting. He is the executive director of Unison Group and is responsible for the administrative and financial management. His field of expertise includes consulting services on energy saving, energy-efficient construction and banking products.


Janybek Kulumbetov
Development Manager

Janybek Kulumbetov has a diploma in Physical Sciences and works as a Regional Development Manager, responsible for developing new business directions particularly in the field of youth, education, public campaigns and regional development. He is responsible for the cooperation and communication with local and regional officials. He has extensive experience in coaching and working as a highly qualified trainer and legal advisor to energy consumers in remote and regional areas. He has conducted a series of high-quality trainings, public lectures, and campaigns for the Center for Energy Advocates (CEA/ZPPE).


Aibek Askarbekov
Director of the Regional Office in Naryn

Aibek Askarbekov has an engineering diploma in Electricity Supply, Finance and Credit products. He is responsible for managing and coordinating all activities of the regional Unison office in Naryn. His tasks include advocacy activities on energy conservation and energy efficiency issues, cooperation with local citizens, negotiations with regional companies and promoting regional development at province level.


Nurlanbek Irisov
The head of the regional office of Unison Group in Osh

Nurlanbek Iris holds a degree in Law from the Kyrgyz Uzbek University. He coordinates and represents the companies activities and projects in the southern regions and ensures an effective and successful implementation of projects at regional level.


Nurila Otunchieva
Communication manager

Nurila Otunchieva is the main spokesperson and information source for media inquiries. She is responsible for press releases and public information concerning Unison Group. She also responsible for Unison's corporate image, advertising and promotional activities.


Salavat Soronbaev
Engineering Specialist, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program

Salavat Soronbaev has a Degree in Engineering from the Kyrgyz State University on Architecture and Construction and with a specialization in heat and gas supply. He is a certified trainer and consultant of energy saving and energy efficient retrofitting in the housing sector. His areas of expterise include designing and implementing energy saving projects and conducting energy audits of buildings.


Ekaterina Gudkova
Sustainable Energy Program Specialist

Ekaterina has an egineering degree from Kyrgyz Russian Slavonic University on Renewable Energy Sources. Her tasks involves analyzing energy efficiency instruments and providing technical support in the implementation of projects in the business and residential sectors.


Robert Mambetkaziev
IT manager

It ensures smooth operation of computer equipment and information systems. It is engaged in the purchase of necessary technical equipment for the company's employees, installation of computer programs on desktop computers of employees.


Taalai Sydykov
Chief Accountant

Taalai Sydykov holds a degree in Accounting and Auditing form the Kyrgyz Economic University. He is responsible for financial accounting, reporting and maintaining accounting principles, practices, procedures and tax documents.


Aigerim Bektemir kyzy

Keep track of all work processes of the company, conducts business negotiations and correspondence, provides the personnel policy of the company. Monitors all office costs and provides office staff with everything necessary for their work.