EGI II: Implementation of EGI recommendations (2011-2013)

Good Governance
Country/ Location: 



Project Period (month-year)

2011- 2013


Analysis/ International Methodology/ Energy Sector

Country/ Location

Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Contact person

Ms. Darika Sulaimanova


Project Summary


Contracting Authority

Open Society for Institutions (OSI)

Open Transition Initiative (OTI)

Project Partners

World Resources Institute (USA)

NGO "Justin" (Kyrgyzstan)

Prayas Energy Group (India)

Narrative description/ Abstract of Project Objectives

The project aimed to a) strengthen a constructive dialogue between government and civil society, b) introduce principles of good governance to the fuel and energy complex, c) promote and strengthen the expertise of civil society in decisionmaking, d) alleviate public pressures that demand more transparency in regard to energy sector governance.


Activities at the level of decisionmaking consisted of:

  • Provision of alternative expert opinions on key issues of energy governance;
  • Promotion of civil society experts involvement at all stages of decision-making process in the energy sector;
  • Establishment of an independent regulatory body in the fuel and energy complex;
  • Advocacy for improved governance practices at all levels of the energy sector (i.e. public and private companies)


Activities in the practical implementation level consisted of:


  • Improvement of understanding of energy sector challenges that relate to energy sector governance and the role of energy consumer;
  • Strengthen civil society capacity of civil society and public participation in governance (fostering regulatory institutions at the local level);
  • Creating a dialogue between consumers and suppliers of electricity and reducing opportunities for conflict between them on distribution of electricity;


Participate in improving the legislative framework in the energy sector, in particular the documents regulating the relationship between supplier and consumer;

Improving public awareness about the existing legal instruments, their rights and obligations, to improve the capacity building of the regulatory body,

Expanding and strengthening the institution of Community Energy Advocates to provide advisory support to the public.

Description of services provided by Unison

Series of publications for the wide public and consumers based on module “10 Questions to Ask”, that will build their capacity and understanding of energy sector regulation (e.g. tariff orders, power purchase agreements);

Guide for Community Energy Advocates that will build a growing consumer understanding of the relationship between the performance of distribution companies and the implementation of policy and regulatory decisions;


3 publications “10 Questions to Ask”, total 900 pieces;

Final report of EDIT assessment, 300 pieces;

Updating and publication of the Brochure “Electricity – a guide for consumer”, 1500 pieces on Kyrgyz and Russian languages;

Informational materials (posters), 4000 pieces, on Kyrgyz and Russian languages;

Project Series


Predecessor project

EGI assessment (2009)

Successor Project

EDIT has been piloted, and then fully supported by other donors for 1800 respondents

The Electricity Governance Initiative(2008-2009)