Conferences, information campaigns

Where does a success of a conference, a round table or a large-scale campaign lie? It is composed of two key elements: content and logistics. Out-of-date, inaccurate, standard or irrelevant information will not be interesting for the audience. Technical issues, inconvenient location of the venue, lack of seats will negate the perception of information. Thus, both components have to meet high requirements.

Unison Group holds awareness-raising events on a regular basis. We have organized several round-tables in a run to climate conferences – and each of them had concrete goals set which were later achieved. Developed recommendations were not only disseminated among a large audience but also taken into consideration by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

For 2 years Unison Group organized large-scale information campaigns “Ushubo – Stay warm, Kyrgyzstan!” In winter of 2015 during 2 weeks 575 settlements around the Republic were covered by seminars. 26 000 people were directly involved. The total reach of the campaign was over 400 000 people.

Unison Group can coordinate all steps of a conference or an information campaign preparation: determining targets and goals of the event, potential topics; selecting a venue; developing the content; inviting participants; moderating the event etc. We can also prepare presentations and educational materials.