Bringing to scale information campaign on energy issues

Sustainable Energy
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11/2012 - 02/2013 


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The purpose of this project were to reduce energy consumption by increasing consumer awareness on thermal insulation of homes and by teaching them basic energy conservation methods, empowerment of consumers especially during the winter months, and support to civil societies on promotion of increased government transparency and accountability from the Ministry of Energy & Industry, and asistance to energy companies to improve public service.

Description of services provided by  the “Unison Group”

Unison’s contribution to this project comprised of:

  • 24 000 information posters on heating energy;
  • 170,000 leaflets for electricity consumers on the typical issues and problems;
  • 12,000 booklets shaped in the form of a house with the volume of information on energy saving in buildings;
  • 1 TV broadcast (in Kyrgyz and Russian languages) to inform the public on the rights and obligations of consumers in the field of electricity and heat was replaced by 4 themed 30-second television commercials, prepared in 2 languages;
  • 2 radio broadcasts;
  • 1 press conference with the presentation of information materials for the media


  • more than 10 000 consultations,
  • more than 9,000 violations of rights,
  • 8 760 685 soms ($ 168 474) reimbursed    Learn more 

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Bringing to scale information campaign on energy issues