BIS 248 – Energy sector assessment using the EDIT toolkit

Good Governance
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EDIT/Energy Issues/Transparency/ Awareness Raising/

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Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

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Ms. DarikaSulaimanova


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Kyrgyz Republic Transition Initiative (KRTI)


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During this project a survey was carried out on energy activities that involved government officials, electricity company staff and energy consumers based on the Electricity Distribution Interface Toolkit (EDIT). During the project short-term technical assistance was provided to assist the team [ML1] with initial data analysis and drafting a comprehensive analytical report and recommendations, translate it into Kyrgyz and English languages, print and distribute 1,500 copies to stakeholders. The purpose of the project was to a) empower civil society and consumer groups to better understand problems and issues relating to electricity service delivery and enable more informed engagement with and advocacy to utilities, government and other related agencies; and b) to improve the effectiveness and accountability of the energy sector through inclusive decision-making and informed civil society engagement engaged in the Fuel and Energy Sector Transparency Initiative (FESTI).


Description of services provided by Unison

Unison’s contribution to this project comprised of the establishment of an opinion poll and drafting of analytical publications.



Project Series


Predecessor project

BIS 178 – Campaign for energy end consumers with IRG USAID

Successor Project

BIS 255 – informational campaign INFOKAM