BIS 178 – Campaign for energy end consumers with IRG USAID

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Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

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Ms. DarikaSulaimanova


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The purpose of this project was to reduce the potential of social unrest related to increasing electricity cosst and low electricity quality, to lessen public misunderstandings and conflicts through awareness raising and capacity building of local energy consumers. Specific activities included the raising of public awareness on energy and power sector issues via the dissemination of posters throughout the country, the broadcasting of a 30-minute radio feature and the screening of two 30-minute programs on national television.

Description of services provided by Unison

Unison was particularly involved in educating energy consumers about the provision and payment of electricity, power breaks, and general quality control. Moreover Unison translated existing information materials from Russian into Kyrgyz and Uzbek language ​​and distributed them throughout the country. Unison also led the information campaign, which consisted of conceptualizing two 30-minute radio programs and broadcast them via popular news and entertainment stations (such as radio "Azattyk Plus" and "Europe Plus"). Unison also developed two 30-minute TV shows that were broadcasted on the national television channel PTRC.


The project increased media and public attention on energy issues and instigated a series of articles in the Evening Bishkek Newspaper. It also increased the number of television and radio programs which specifically focused on political issues in the energy sector (examples are Radio "Echo of Moscow"; "Sanjar"; "Azattyk"). Noticeable outcomes included increased awareness on consumer rights and responsibilities and on electricity quality and services.

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BIS 159 - Creating Transparency in the Coal Market in the South of Kyrgyzstan

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